Multipurpose Trolleys

Opera, plastic trolley,offers over 150 configurations and may be employed in any scenario; X Trolleys, Practical Trolley, MultiBin Trolley, dozens of other metal trolleys for cleaning and waste management.


Mopping Trolleys

Giotto, Ariete, Duetto, washing trolleys of great strength and ease of use, extremely flexible thanks to the large amount of accessories. Innovative and innovative cleaning solutions as for the Prexa ...


Floor Cleaning

Plano for the professional washing system with pockets and flaps, Volo for the velcro system, are frames of great rigidity and strength thanks to their structure and the selection of the best materials.

Window Cleaning

TWT's professional window cleaning range is made in Germany. Ergonomic and safe cleaning tools, Bionic is the squeegee with a two-component handle that does not tire the hand, the squeegee ...


TWT - Carrelli multiuso per la pulizia e il lavaggio pavimenti

TWT is for those who love to stand out, work with modern, innovative and functional equipment. Each product is designed with attentionto ergonomics, using the newest technologies in order to improve performances and make work easier.