The EU Ecolabel certification represents tangible and credible evidence of environmental excellence. In a context populated by acronyms and logos of all kinds, the EU Ecolabel qualifies products that have passed a rigid set of ecological compatibility criteria defined at EU community level. Based on the ISO 14024 standards, the EU Ecolabel is a basic reference for the evaluation of the most environmentally friendly cleaning products according to the logic of the National Green Public Procurement Action Plan (PAN GPP),

For TWT this step represents an important recognition and a logical extension of our long-term commitment to the environment. It is a guarantee to customers who with TWT are purchasing 100% ecological products, be they in textile or other materials (such as, for example, recycled plastic Re-Use trolleys).

We have decided to certify with the EU Ecolabel our MICRO COLOR Velcro flat mops, four of the flagship flat mops in our sales. We made it following a very demanding path verified by an external certification body, a process that was facilitated by the high quality standards that TWT already applies to its productions consistent to the criteria required by Ecolabel:

• non-use of materials and substances dangerous to health and to the environment (for example the presence of pesticides in cottons),

• limited air or water pollution during the production processes of the raw material as of the finished products,

• safety and resistance of products and colors to rubbing and to the exposure to atmospheric agents,

• resistance of the fabrics and limited shrinkage following washing and drying.

MICRO COLOR type flat mops are made with microfiber yarn to be very flexible and versatile. It combines, in a single product, the advantages of microfibre with the particular processing of the yarn. They are excellent in removing dirt and in absorbency thanks to the microfilaments of the microfiber; as well excellent is the dirt collection capacity thanks the closed loop yarn.

MICRO COLOR is particularly suitable for use on smooth floors, specifically designed for use in healthcare, ho.re.ca, and food industry, it does not release lint and does not develop bacteria.

The differentiation of the color code for risk areas is carried out directly on the Velcro to prevent in a practical and immediate way any risk of incorrect application of the colour differentiation in the implementation of the cleaning protocols. The use of non-shrinkable supports and the resistance of the yarn make it a champion of resistance with up to 1.000 washes.