We are delighted to announce that TWT has been nominated among the 3 finalists for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020 in the Category “Equipment”. The jury acknowledged that our Solar System represents a real innovation with potentially high impact on the market since it can change the way of cleaning floors especially in environments where operational efficiency must always be accompanied by maximum hygiene.

Solar System revolutionize flat mops instant impregnation focusing on operational efficiency and hygiene. The solution is dispensed by pressing a button on the top of the trolley, dosing is controlled by a software (wi fi connection). The miniaturized delivery pump is activated by a battery charged by a small solar panel (indoor lighting). 90% of plastics used are certified recycled.


Solar System by TWT is the first and unique instant impregnation trolley for flat mop mopping trolley with electronic dosing. Dosing of detergent and/or disinfectant is activated just pressing a button, programmed ad controlled by a specific software with cable or wi fi interface available.

It is the first powered by a solar panel which charge a 12V battery supplying the delivery pump. All electronic components are miniaturized and concealed in the trolley not reducing its storage capacity.

It is the first instant impregnation trolley all made of ReUse certified recycled plastic.


Practicality for Solar means improved ergonomics and reduced times:

  • Unlike using a wringer, the operator does not have to wring the mop
  • Compared to manual pre-impregnation: preparation time is greatly reduced
  • Unlike instant impregnation systems from competitors, the operator does not have to pick up the mop manually and manually activate a dispensing lever. With Solar the operator's back is straight, the mop is collected with the frame, used, then placed it in the collection net/bag without touching it.
  • The solution is dispensed with the simplest operation, just by touching a button.


  • Professional Components and trolleys, it can last over 10 year with standard maintenance
  • No health risk, 12V tension on the electronic circuits, solution is not vaporized but just supplied in the tray.
  • Safe in use, less tiring and stressing for operators that traditional methods
  • Environmentally friendly: lower use of detergents controlled by the software: only the mop lower side (the one that clean the floor) is impregnated, not the all mass like competitors does.
  • Environmentally friendly: 90% of plastics usedare recycled
  • Thanks to the contribution of the solar panel the 12V battery rarely needs to be charged.


  • Operational time savings: lower preparation times than traditional preimpregnation since it is just needed to load the trolley with dry mops (impregnation is made just before use)
  • lower cleaning times than systems that use wringers.
  • Saving in detergents: only the mop lower side (the one that clean the floor) is impregnated, not the all mass like competitors does;
  • Savings in detergents : with instant impregnation only the mops actually used are impregnated, with pre-impregnation (made hours before use) same mops can be not used that day and need to be reconditioned