In a world saturated with products, the only way to emerge is to focus on a substantial innovation rooted in experience. This is OPERA, based on the experience of designing the cleaning trolleys developed in the last twenty years, with in mind the product that customers expect for the next twenty years.

Aesthetic innovation with a product that is not only robust and versatile but is also elegant, beautiful and decorative, able to improve the environment that hosts it and the image of the user

Functional innovation with patented solutions that make Opera modular and versatile, a trolley that adapts quickly to all operating sectors, extremely customizable according to the needs of the individual operator. Functional innovation which is also ergonomics, greater silence, practicality and hygiene, and in short, better ease of use.

Some of the technical solutions

1) Silent Wheel wheels, the only plastic wheel on the market that can be swiveling at the same time, lock to fixed position or braked ensuring smooth movements in any situation

2) Innovative frame holder with cover lid, it can hold two brooms, always at hand but hidden for better hygiene and image of the service

3) Transparent document holder where to place the tablet or documents with work program. Information always at hand and under control, with key lock

4) 7lt bucket, they can be visible during work or hidden under the cover lid very easily, according to the needs