ReUse, TWT's recycled plastic is the star at PULIRE 2019

Market trends, the public opinion and the behaviour of public and private organizations are increasingly oriented towards green purchasing, eco-sustainability and the reuse of recycled materials

ReUse Line for us means plastic products made with recyled plastic. Precisely : more than 90% of the plastic is recycled. This percentage is well above what competitors are doing with similar products and above minimum requirement of national norms (Italy) which require at least 50% for the certification of “recycled plastic” needed for public tenders

Considering than that the other materials are mainly metals 100% recyclable, that means that almost 100% of the materials composing the TWT Re-Use range is reciclable

OPERA ReUse  trolleys are also tronger that competition since product structure is stronger: more sturdy base, double layer panels and doors, stong alluminium supports. Recycled for us does not mean less reliable.

ReUse trolleys look better: with ReUse we use black color associated with aluminium, gray or red finishes. The aesthetic effect is of great impact with an elegant product that fits well as a piece of furniture, as for the rest of the line, in contexts (as hotels) where the image is important.