Solar System

The revolution in floor cleanig systems for the healthcare sector

Solar System is  the new TWT's proposal in the world of impregnated flat mopping systems. It is a revolution that is destined to change the way of cleaning floors especially in environments where operational efficiency must always be accompanied by maximum hygiene.

The miniaturized delivery pump is concealed in the trolley structure, a 12 Volt battery feeds the pump and is in turn charged by a small solar panel which, using the internal lighting of the rooms, guarantees a range of up to about 1,000 deliveries. The battery is also normally rechargeable with the charger trough an easy to access external connection.

The quantity of solution dispensed is supplied by pressing a button located on the top of the trolley and can be programmed according to the operational requirements, using a specific software

Unlike instant impregnation systems from competitors, the operator do not have to pick up the mop and position it manually in the impregnation tray and manually activate the dispensing lever

The Solar System is a module applicable to all the trolleys of the OPERA range for maximum flexibility of use.