World of hotels has specific needs, demands and challenges; The trolley is normally visible to customers, the order, cleanliness and aesthetics of the equipment influence the perceived image of the service. Obviously, the movements and cleaning operations must take place in silence. Company image can be attentive to environmental aspects and the most environmentally oriented hotel structures require the use of recycled materials. The functional aspects are also peculiar: the weight moved is considerable and the trolleys must move easily even in the presence of carpets. The solutions must be flexible, modular, since the various hotel structures are highly diversified in terms of room types and operating cleaning methods.

TWT has treasured this experience, worked with important international groups in the sector and focused on all the needs described above, improving and in some cases revolutionizing the tools available to operators.

Two main innovations have improved driving of the trolley: the development of the wheels and their motorization. Wheels of great silence and manoeuvrability (Silent Wheel) have been developed internally in TWTand the "Drive & Park" system has eliminated the problem of pushing straight the trolley, which especially at full load (with the 4 swivel wheels) are likely to run inclined. With OPERA HOTEL the same wheel can be free, directional with a first click on the appropriate lever, and braked with a second click. In this way the trolley goes straight when needed but can be easily approached to the wall or parked.

The advanced motorization proposed with "SPEED SYSTEM" makes even the heavier trolleys move effortlessly on carpets as well as on ramps or inclined floors (with inclinations up to 15%) easy. The electrical and mechanical components of the system have been miniaturized and are completely integrated into the base and double-layer panels, are not visible and do not affect the load capacity.

The aesthetic design of OPERA is unique, modern with strong character, customizable with customer images. This also when plastics are recycled (ReUse models) and it is necessary to use dark colors to obtain surfaces with homogeneous finish and good aesthetic results. With Opera ReUse black is associated with aluminium finishes, with grey or customizable colour details. The aesthetic effect is of great impact, the trolley is elegant and fits well as a piece of furniture in all contexts.

The structure of the trolleys presents multiple rewarding aspects not only for hotels, in any case for TWT “bello” does not mean less resistant: a solid base with double-layer panels and doors and large-section aluminium supports that bind and stiffen guaranteeing maximum reliability, No noise when the trolleys are moved (thanks to SilentWheel) or the lids are closed, thanks to the soft closing. Doors with key locks contribute to system security, children cannot access the contents of the trolleys. 

The transparent document (or tablet) holder is on the top of the lid (cleaning protocol always under control).

The work is made efficient with customizable solutions, the system is modular, and the trolley can be easily adapted to different cleaning techniques (eg mop or pre-impregnated cleaning methods) or to different structures, scalable for small as for large hotels. The VAN system allows then to further increase the load capacity or extension of the cleaning equipment kit by hooking up to the main trolley other modules that can be moved independently (for example to enter from the corridor into the room) by releasing them from the main unit with a simple click.