TWT SOLUTIONS for airports and stations

Crowded places, often active H24, with uninterrupted comings and goings. Airports, stations and metros are faced with a constant presence and flow of people. Managing the cleaning of these facilities represents a great challenge.  TWT has presented its solutions  for transports with recent installations in Italian airports (as Venice) and international stations and airports (as Singapore).

TWT trolley at the Marco Polo Venice's internationa airport 


The importance of an high image cleaning

Tools and the cleaning services must answer to many needs on these public areas . First, the cleaning is carried out in the presence of public in different spaces: from the large public areas, often connected by long corridors, to the dining areas; from shops to toilets. Therefore, the equipment must be adapted to any type of environment so as to make the airport or the station comfortable, safe and clean. Tidiness is relevant and if it is not managed with order and efficiency, respecting the travellers’ high standard, it has a negative effect on the image of the structure. The equipment is seen by many people, so their appearance must be good. This is important especially for trolleys, whose panels can be finished with images or logos associated with the company's name.


Ergonomic equipment for any environment

TWT cleaning solutions have been designed to best meet the needs and the challenges of these environments. The Opera multipurpose trolley represents the solution, it is configured as a  "service station"  that make easy for the operator to move the wide range of TWT accessories and tools for cleaning and sanitizing floors ans surfaces in every single operating area. About ergonomics there are two important innovations  which make the work of the operators easier, faster and less tiring in contexts characterized by the width of the spaces as well as by the high distances to be covered daily: Silent Wheel, great silence and smoothness; Speed: advancement motorized motion to make even the heaviest trolleys light, designed to move easily on floors or rumps (incelined up to 15%, charge run autonomy 15km).


Resistance and versatility

Resistance is also fundamental for dealing at best with extended working hours, high and moving loads, and the possibility of transporting heavy equipment such as vacuum cleaner or compact srubber machines. For TWT, the resistance is not an option and the Opera trolleys are the most robust in their category: no deformation with loads tested up to 300kg thanks to the structured and reinforced rigid bases, to the indestructible metal brackets (anodized aluminum) , to the double paneling of doors and external panels. The versatility needed to operate in such different situations is ensured by the very wide range of different configurations and accessories, while the indispensable security is guaranteed by the possibility of locking the spaces equipped with keys to prevent the removal of materials and detergents.

Technical detail, sandwich structure of panelling and doors 


High level of aesthetics and personalization

Within all innovations developed in designing and engineering the new Opera trolleys, the aesthetic qualities are however the most immediately visible. The trolley is elegant and perfectly adaptable to the different environments. The aesthetic design of Opera is unique and imediately recognizable . Colours are very well cured even in the case of recycled plastics (ReUse models) where it is necessary to use dark colors to obtain homogeneous finishes. With Opera ReUse black is associated with aluminium finishes, with grey or customizable colour details. Doors and panels can be further customized to communicate with images and logos, in the case of TWT, can be digitally printed directly on plastic with high quality graphics. The special TWT service, starting from the customer's request, proposes the graphic layout and provides for the four-color digital printing of photographic images or logos.