The new instant impregnation system, digitally programmable.

Solar System is GREEN, environmentally friendly: easy for anyone, powered by solar panels, scheduled in the use of the detergent, thus, reducing the consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

BETTER EFFICIENCY: Solar System does not foresee the pre-impregnation of the mops to be used, as the impregnation is instant. It is possible to hook directly the mop and to place it in the tray containing the solution, without touching the mop.

SAVING TIME AND ENERGY: Solar System reduces the time of mop replacements’preparation at the beginning. The presence of solar panels permits to increase theautonomy of the trolley, reducing the charging timesand energy consumption.

BETTER HYGIENE: Floors are always cleaned with uncontaminated mops. The system was in fact designed to prevent dirty water be moved between different environments or departments. The cleaner or disinfectant is dispensed immediately before use, in order to maintain its properties unaltered.