Ambo Nemo

For the washing of small and medium-sized floors, the AMBO NEMO system is the most modern and hygienically advanced solution. The buckets are made of PP copolymer with treated surfaces Easy & Clean which impedes dirt adhesion to the bucket; the wring is raised and reinforced; a grid at the bottom keeps dirt away from the mop while rinsing. The washing system for commercial surfaces of limited size by TWT also provides a complete range of mops with screw connection in different materials best suited to different environments or specific cleaning needs: cotton, microfiber, synthetic fabrics of different weights and dimensions.

Better hygiene: the surfaces of the buckets are treated with Easy & Clean modality to improve cleanability. The grid on the bottom separates the mop from dirty water, optimizing cleaning and hygiene.

Solid sieve: it is made of polypropylene and its up position allows to maintain the effective capacity of the bucket.

Double bucket 15L (8 L clean water+ 7 L dirty water) allows greater operating autonomy.



Strizzino in PP per Ambo e Nemo