Product detail GIOTTO TOP BIN 4


cod: S02001T4ECN
Net weight (kg) 10,5
Packaging volume (cm) 0,185

Product Informations

GIOTTO R TOP BIN 4 - base ReUse 50L, 1 bucket 25L in PP ReUse, black Prexa wringer, ø80mm metal wheels and ø90mm bumpers. 2 buckets 7L in PP ReUse 30x16xh23 cm, 2 swivel supports for bucket. Central handle with 90L bag holder. Optional: plasticized bag 90L

Washing floors of large areas using kentuky mops or flat mops.

  • Exceptional strenght, thanks to the innovative design and the selection of the best PP
  • Better hygiene, all surfaces are treated with a coating that grants less adhesion to dirts and liquids