Product detail PREXA I


cod: S0100101
Packaging (pieces per pack) 5
Packaging size LxWxH (cm) 31x25x36
Packaging volume (cm) 0,0374
Net weight (kg) 2,250
Gross weight (kg) 2,500
Product size LxWxH (cm) 30x27x50

Product Informations

Prexa - S down press wringer, POM wringing bars without rubber inserts

Designed to wring industrial kentucky mops and flat mops. It can be used on all TWT mopping trolleys and on the major competitors' ones.

  • Universal wringer, great resistance and reliability. PP body, pressure bars and gears made of POM. Ergonomic handle. The press bars with integrated soft rubber inserts make Prexa an universal wringher, particularly suitable for flat mops wringing.